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Banned on all 3 of my yli accounts

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Kreb crunch revenge

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Where do you guys come from? I'm comparably new here so I don't know about the outside relations of Kropyva, apart from other Ukrainian boards. Is it like an exile location for people banned on some different board?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6856

I come here to find old memes that I posted from year or 2 ago to spam them on ylilauta int

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>2021 год
>неиронично считать, что математика не нужна
Как вы живете ещё, убогие?
Напоминаю: ваша ценность как человека определяется исключительно вашими математическими способностями
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File: 1623269372.500443-.png ( 1.47 MB , 1103x1186 )

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Цій іміджборді терміново потрібна свіжа партія москалів.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6834

Технобыдло, спок

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6835

Гуманітарі все ж смокчуть хуй більше, що не кажи. Але ОП таки хуй і козойоб, бо не тільки математикою технічні науки славляться, а факультет прикладної математики я оминатиму тридев'ятою дорогою.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6836

складно згадати хоча б якусь технічну спеціяльність не зв'язану з математикою.

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Russians are european and white

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6707

Lol. How about buriatodagestan white power?

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> Russians
Who are those niggas?
I`ve never heard of them.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6714

have never been

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6715

No such thing.

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File: 1602786757.327355-3.jpg ( 1.57 MB , 2560x1440 )

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Hey folks! Since I'm leaving Ukraine soon, I will post the remnants of the photos I have made, and also turn all these photos into public domain, so everyone could use them to illustrate blog posts or news about Ukraine. That is my THANK YOU to the Ukrainian people who have declined me asylum from Russia.

Old photos can be found at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

These photos are not sponsored by the Ukrainian Ministry of Sex Tourism, to which I have no affiliation.
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⋮⋮⋮   No. 6090

"Страна свободы" - Украина:
Я дурно сбился тут с пути,
И мне, наивному кретину,
Приют в "борделе" не найти.

Надеюсь есть другие страны,
Где нет говна и есть цветы,
Такі, шо дуже не погані,
И ждут меня сём пути.

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File: 1605893024.837636-.jpg ( 693.48 KB , 1600x1200 )

Hi, folks! Surprisingly I have been able to leave Ukraine without being placed into the extradition arrest, or blocked in any other way. So I'm applying in another country now. Thanks to Ukrainians at least for ignoring the Russian arrest request. Hope they will fix their country and kick Russia out of Crimea and Donbass.

Had to say that immigration prison in Europe is better than a $30/day hostel in Ukraine: no bedbugs and you don't get pneumonia from cold, there is even PlayStation for prisoners to play, but it has no Internet access. But they do confiscate your phone, laptop and flash cards, so you need to have all the required documents printed and on your hands, and all the important information recorded on a A4 pages, since all other paper could be confiscated on entry. The prison cells do have builtin phones, which is the only way to contact outside world, although interface is not in English and making international calls was a bit tricky. Actual citizen prisoners do get Internet access and a much better gym. It is much better to be an inmate in Europe than to be a free person in Russia.

There was a library with books in various languages. The only book in Russia was "Childhood Adolescence Youth" by Tolstoi. One curious fact is that while all other prisoners from Russia had nationality "Russia" written on a table near their cell door, I had "Soviet Union" label on my cell. Homo sovieticus?

I was very lucky to get out of immigration prison early, but a lot of other people spend several months in there, and some can apparently get deported right to their Turkey, Nigeria or Russia. The staff and the refugees there were all very nice people, except the one tall Russian guy, who was really unfriendly and I have never seen him chatting with other refugees (apparently he did not knew English that well). There was also a Russian girl, really stressed looking with the signs of beating on her face. She said she is a lesbian now. Traditional Russian wife beating has apparently taken its toll. Since that girl, don't even knowing English, was apparently very happy to be away from Russia. I wish her luck.

Unfortunately there are proper Russians at the camp too. As I write this text, under the window, one, apparently drunk, Russian muzhik has called Russia and talks completely in Russia sukablyad swearing to his Russian compatriots. Why has he ever left Russia?!!

And still I'm very optimistic, since chances gaining asylum in Europe are much higher than in Ukraine and I have already avoided deportation to Russia, because after they release you out of the immigration prison, you can deport for any 3d country, avoiding deportation to Russia, even if you get negative on your application. Fuck Russia!

I do still have Ukrainian IP, because roaming and to prevent you from seeing to which county I have vent :D

Unfortunately these are the last money on the Ukrainian sim card. So I wont be on showing here for some time to avoid exposing my IP.

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File: 1605893902.181256-.jpg ( 44.11 KB , 458x678 )

Тримай в курсі.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6103

Золотце, у тебя из носа волос торчит. Ты бы выдернул что ли.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6703

Why your account is banned for sexualizing minors?

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still shart

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Fukake shart krebs

⋮⋮⋮   No. 4181 OP

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Koja zapravo

⋮⋮⋮   No. 4248 OP

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⋮⋮⋮   No. 4250

fukken shitposters.

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Come back to yli

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File: 1618764049.881537-.jpg ( 91.78 KB , 818x973 )

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Сам такий.

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⋮⋮⋮   No. 4430 [Reply]

Kč Shart
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⋮⋮⋮   No. 5911

ты хуй

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6682

What do you think about kcroat

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6689

far and incomprehensible

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I will never read the rules of Kropyva

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File: 1618730963.568294-.jpg ( 24.03 KB , 342x503 )

Lmfao lil soppsarella

File: 1618729456.08813-.jpg ( 42.79 KB , 548x823 )

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Krautchan is back

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