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I will never read the rules of Kropyva

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Lmfao lil soppsarella

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The Rules
The Rules of Kropyvach, the anonymous imageboard

1. Main principles
2. General rules
3. Special rules for certain sections
4. Punishment measures

1. Main principles
1.1. The rules are mandatory for each visitor to follow the Kropyvach imageboard (hereinafter—the Resource) at the web address www.kropyva.ch (except drama.kropyva.ch) and the IP addresses to which it is linked.
1.2. The Resource Administration (hereinafter—the Administration) reserves the right to make changes to the Rules without noticing.
1.3. The Resource is governed by case law. This means that in case of detection of an action that causes obvious damage to the functioning of the Resource, the perpetrator of such action will be punished, the extent of which will be chosen at the discretion of the Administration, and the Rules may be amended.
1.4. Using the Resource is a privilege, not a right. The Administration may restrict access to the Resource and / or delete any content present on the Resource without explanation.

2. General rules
2.1. It is forbidden to download, post, request and link to materials whose content is illegal in Ukraine and / or the Netherlands.
2.2. Spam and flood are prohibited.
2.3. It is forbidden to bypass spam and word filters.
2.4. Uncoordinated advertising is prohibited.
2.5. It is forbidden to communicate on behalf of the Administration for a user who does not have this status. A user belonging to the Administration is prohibited from communicating on behalf of other members of the Administration.
2.6. It is forbidden to use bots and scripts for automatic posting.
2.7. It is forbidden to write that does not correspond to the theme of the board.
2.8. On all boards, except / i /, it is allowed to communicate exclusively in the Ukrainian language of the current spelling with the Cyrillic alphabet. For spelling experiments and alternative spellings (Ukrainian Latin, skrypnykivka, Project, etc.) there is a board / u /, in all other sections they are equated to spam.
2.9. It is forbidden to place Russian-language content in all sections, except / i /, with the following exceptions:
1) It is allowed to place in the / p / section content in Russian on political topics, including news, excerpts from interviews, quotes, etc.
2) Scientific and technical content in Russian is allowed.
2.10. Erotica and pornography can be placed only in sections / b / and / f /. What falls under the tags guro, scat, loli, shota, bestiality—exclusively in / f /.
2.11. Propaganda of separatism, liquidation of Independence, integrity of the territory or sovereignty of Ukraine is prohibited; denial of the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people; image of the state, people, history, language or culture of Ukraine; disrespect or humiliation of the symbols of Ukraine; agitation of anti-Ukrainian ideas and anti-Ukrainian activities; communist, racist, Nazi, fascist, Russian-imperial agitation and calls for action.
2.12. It is forbidden to lift sunken threads in order to complicate access to actual threads.
2.13. Forced massages, which the administration believes makes communication difficult, can be equated to spam.

3. Special rules for certain boards
3.1. / b /
3.1.1. Political discussions and posting of relevant content are prohibited. The / p / section is dedicated to this.
3.2. / p /
3.2.1. Creation and support of movements aimed at the destruction, dismemberment or destabilization of Ukraine are prohibited.
3.3. / i /
3.3.1. Section / i / is intended for international communication. The use of this section for thematic communication in circumvention of rules 2.8-2.9 is prohibited.
3.4. / bugs /
3.4.1. Threats and curses towards the Administration are removed without warning and won't be considered. The rule does not apply to constructive criticism.

4. Punishment measures
4.1. For violating the rules, the user is banned, and posts or other content are deleted. The term of the ban is chosen at the discretion of the administration. Exceptions and clarifications are listed below.
4.2. For the first violation of rules 2.7-2.9, 3.1.1 and 3.3.1 posts are deleted without a ban, for subsequent—with a ban.
4.3. Advertising and spam that violates rule 2.1 are punishable by a life ban with the removal of the relevant posts.
4.4. Violation of rule 3.2.1 is punishable by a life ban with the removal of the relevant posts.
4.5. If a user is noticed for several violations at the same time, the most severe of all deserved punishments is applied to him.
4.6. Bypassing the ban is punishable by banning all IP addresses used for the bypass and deleting all posts from those IP addresses, and in the event of a retry, by changing the original penalty to a life ban.
4.7. If the convict believes that the violation or his guilt is absent, he can appeal the punishment in the / bugs / section. The appeal must be clear, consistent and contain as much detail as possible. Non-informative complaints such as "I was banned for nothing!" "Unban me, pleeesies" are removed without consideration; spam / flood with such messages changes the penalty to a life ban.

Date of the latest update: 28.07.2020

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why ?

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same, kek

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Oulu-style Crunchfunk

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I'm not reading the rutles. Even my understanding of the plight of the Ukrainian ppl can't make me read the rutles. Not doing it.

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>current year
>he STILL hasn't read the rules of Kropyva

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Меня твои истории просто доебали уже, я уже не могу их слушать, блядь! Одна история охуительней другой просто! Про говно, блядь, про какую-то хуйню, молофью... Чё ты несешь-то вообще? Ты можешь заткнуться? «Шишка, блядь, встанет — возбудимся». Чего, блядь? Про что несешь? Вообще охуеть.

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