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We've recently received word that a group of incels is planning on trolling and spamming YL. As I don't have either the time or the patience to deal with whiny manbabies, the rule of thumb is: if it looks like an incel, talks like an incel, and walks like an incel, it's an incel, and they're getting the boot.

This also includes obvious attempts at spamming which can take a variety of forms, such as creating a bunch of new topics in a short period of time, reviving a bunch of old topics in a short period of time, or posting the same exact thing in multiple threads.

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reposted from wrongplanet

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in next few days we will try to send embassy to you for the purpose of restoring some articles

Yours sincerely, Енциклопедія Драматика team

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I asked again

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yeap man
incels are in these place
youre welcome
sweet dreem ba dum tsss

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Are you from mint board

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u should add "lupaan että ei toistu" to the end

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Please everyone view this thread, our good friend Fukake is stuck in Roskake prison (northpole) for 4 months for posting "dung" on eestiboard even though all other posts on eestiboard were "dung". This place should be freedom of speech but "dung" is not allowed. The mod should be stripped of all mod privilege!!

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