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⋮⋮⋮   No. 44686

Since the August of the 91 an independent state.
This was much against the wishes of certain governments.
Whose leaders tried to break us down, to make us all repent.

But we're all Ukrainians and we can do this by ourselves.
We'll keep our land as a shithole, stop the anyone wanting it.
Just except, perhaps, for Russkies, from whom we are not so far behind.
So if we have to go alone, that'll never be with pride.

The Mordor can send orcs to murder
And can shout it's words of hate.
But we hate ourselves anyway, so
the need for this is fade.
For our men and boys are fighting for the things that they hold dear.
This land will pay with hatred 'til we finally disappear.

But we're all Ukrainians and this is exactly what we want
We'll elect to rule a prisoner in defiance to the whole world.
Yes we'll rebel later maybe, with no completing this to end
But when the sun will finally dawns, we'll turn everything back.

We've tortured this little nation, for our children's children too.
For once you're a Ukrainian, the Polish land will better do
And since "my house is on the edge", there's nothing can be changed.
So we will humbly wait for fate, and look around with hate.

Cuz we're all Ukrainians and this is our way of life.
We'll be like anchors keeping us for years behind.
To save us from civilization, on this cursed and pretty land
So Ukraine will never flourish, but our bydlo still be glad.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44688

"Якось то воно буде!".
Остап Вишня "Чухраїнці"

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44689

Назад на /pol/

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44696

Прикольно бачити великий герб України на фоні прапору Ніґерії.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44697

Родезiя ж, бро.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44698

Nice to meet you, Shit Gold

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44699

Що те - Африка, що то - Африка

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44700

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Коротше, тред якась хуїта, тож починаємо обговорення великого герба і кому який подобається, мені от пік проект подобається, бо усіляких деталей багато. Герб повинен бути таким, щоб ти годинами міг сидіти, вдивлятися в нього та постійно помічати нові деталі. Той загальноприйнятий великий герб теж непоганий, але от деталей замало.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44704

⋮⋮⋮   No. 44705


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