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Hello, I live in Odessa, Texas. Recently I learned that in Ukraine there is also the city of Odessa, which in terms of population is much larger than my Odessa (Odessa USA 100,000 people Odessa Ukraine 1,000,000 people)
So I would like to know how life in your Odessa differs from life in my Odessa.
I work as an installer and receive a relatively small salary of $37,500 a year.
In principle, this is enough for me, but it’s still a shame that if I were an installer in some large city and not in my town for 100,000 people, I would receive much more.

I think since a lot more people live in your Odessa than in mine, then your situation with this is much better. And besides, according to the pictures on the Internet, your city is very beautiful, I think that quite wealthy people live in your Odessa. Well, I would like to get out of my Odessa as quickly as possible, which I think I can do in the near future.

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Taki da, oy vey!

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>Думская watermark
Do you even try, proxytroll?

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Zolt ir wisn taki khochesh
Wi se loyfn ain raboches
Di raboches loyfn am tramwai
(Че то там дальше поеться я забыл :D)
Brenen zoldes kiewer tramwai!

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Ukrainian Odesa is very multiculture, since it location next to the sea and here is huge sea port. Also, among folks is famous for citizens here have a good humor, again thanks to multiculture. It has a huge(i mean HUGE) underground complex of paths, here is map bellow.

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cant post an image, so here is wikipedia link

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