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⋮⋮⋮   No. 5961

Why google translate interprets "I'm in Ukraine." as "Я на Украине"? Are you just a territory?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5962

> russian
You traslate into wrong language

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5963

>translate into
з Україною все добре, свінопес, просто дикунські мови формуються дикунськими людьми

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5964

Because Russians are assholes.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5970

Перекладати на "мову", у якій навіть немає окремого слова для ідентифікації самої себе, і ти ще чомусь дивуєшся? Що язьік у корови, що язьік у собаки, що язьік у росіяніна - речі тотожні. Соромно навіть у перекладачу ставити УКРАЇНСЬКУ МОВУ поруч із руским язіьком.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5971

Q: Why have you left Russia?
A: Due to a conflict with Russians.

Q: Why do you speak English, refusing to speak Russian?
A: I hate Russian language, which uses the same alphabet as the Mongol language. I'm not a Mongol or a Tatar, so I don't speak Russian.

Q: Why don't you wear the covid19 mask?
A: Better dead than red.

Q: Why have you changed your Russian name?
A: I want to distance myself from Russians, whom I despise.

Q: Why have you went to Ukraine instead of a civilized country?
A: I had no visa of a civilized country and not time to apply for one. So Shitkraine was the only option.

Q: So much hatred! Are you a Nazi?
A: No. To be a Nazi, you must belong to some nation. I don't belong to any. In fact, I'm against one nation - the Russian nation. So I'm anti-Nazi.

Q: Why do you support Vladimir Putin?
A: Putin does more harm to Russians, than he does good.

Q: Do you consider yourself Russian?
A: If it will harm Russians, then I will pose myself Russian.

Q: Do you like Ukraine?
A: No. Shitkraine is a full of Russian speaking, communist-minded idiots, who love Russia, live in commie-blocks, like some chinamen, and see nothing wrong with that. In addition to their barbarous Asiatic mentality, Ukrainians are chronic drunks, and they don't consume wines - they drink Nastoika Glodu.

Q: Do you think Russia can be improved?
A: Yes. By dropping a 100 megaton bomb onto each million-sized Russian city. Then doing a ground campaign with armed drones to cleanse the surviving orcs.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5972

thank you for nikita sadkov aka nash gold manual

⋮⋮⋮   No. 6110

> язик в корови
> язик в собаки
Та канєшно. Чувак, а які мови ти ще ненавидиш? Румунську, угорську?

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