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⋮⋮⋮   No. 5089

What would happen if I try to illegally cross into EU from Ukraine? Any chances Ukrainian border guard open fire at me?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5090 OP

What if I get a gun and return the fire? Would that dissuade Ukrainian border guards from pursuing me? Is EU-UA border patrolled by professional soldiers and newbie conscripts? I just want to immigrate into Europe, since I dislike Ukraine for being too Russian: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157710111335587

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5091

Go ahead, mate. It will be just fine, of cource they won't fire, especially if you open fire first.
Just dont use real firearms, use some kind of non-lethal weapon, all you want is loud bangs and light flashes.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5092 OP

I'm sure a trained soldier can discern real weapon fire from non-lethal one.

And non-lethal weapon wont kill the dog, border patrol will no doubt unleash on me.

Also, if I kill Ukrainian border guard, who opened a fire at me, would that count as self defense in European court? Because in armed conflict with Ukraine people have no choice but to defend themselves, since Ukraine prevents them from emigrating.

Same with these Donbass people, should have just opened the border for them and allowed them all to leave Ukraine, without allowing them back.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5093 OP

My guess is that when I fire at border guards, they will be forced to take cover (if they value their lowly Ukrainian life), while I will continue running towards European territory unimpeded.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5094

Sorry, you are being too fat. There's no point feeding you.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5095 OP

File: 1580474670.575543-.jpg ( 415.63 KB , 1415x2110 )

I'm not joking. Ukraine denied me political asylum (see attached picture), so no I will have to leave this shithole somehow. Since I'm on the internationally wanted criminals list, I cant get EU visa legally, and I don't want returning back to Russia (where I will get jailed possibly for life), so I'm willing to take risk associated with border crossing.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5096

Post sup with your passport and current date then, because I can post that picture too.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5097 OP

File: 1580475171.232821-.jpg ( 181.53 KB , 1478x2000 )

I don't have the passport on me. Only a photo of it. And I wont be posting any sups. I just want to know, if I should get firearm, before trying to cross the UA-EU border.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5098

Yeh, right 😉

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5099

О, знову цей ображений москаль. Піймають тебе, посадять на хортицю чи козацьку раду, а потім віддадуть в днр на копанки. Усьо.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5100

Слава Пороху!

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5101

Тю, дурень, це ж попередній допис був 5 099, а не 5 999

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5102

Я думаю це не він, а якийсь інший проксі-маскаль намагається загрити на цього шиза кропивачерів. Він же відмовитися вкидати суп, постив тільки старі пічкури, які уже були в інтернеті.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5103 OP

Implying staving UA border guards haven't ate the patrol dog and its dog food yet, or they want to risk their lives pursing some crazy bearded muslim looking illegal immigrant. Just one "Allah Akbar" shout should be enough to scare Ukrainians from pursuing me. They will think "better let EU solve it, Zelensky dont pay me enough to deal with this terrorist shit"

BTW, what is border guard's salary?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5104

> Just one "Allah Akbar"
And you are dead

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5106 OP

No. Borders guards turn 180 degrees, and run back to base, reporting that no illegal crossing happened. It was just a fox.

⋮⋮⋮   No. 5107

> No. Borders guards kill me, turn 180 degrees, and run back to base, reporting that no illegal crossing happened. It was just a fox.

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